Most Powerful Grenade Launcher in Action: Mk-19 During US Army Training Session

Daily Military Defense & Archive – Mark 19 (this one mounted on a Armored Stryker vehicle during training) grenade launcher is a machine gun caliber 40 mm. Through the grenade launcher entered service in the US Army in 1967 during the Cold War , and was baptism by fire operations in the Vietnam War . through the grenade launcher found in the United States Army and the IDF to date. through the grenade launcher produced by Saco Defense , which today is a division of General Dynamics .

Video: Staff Sgt. Sean Everette

Mk 19 is a grenade launcher , ie firearms auto shooter ammunition, explosive (grenade) in caliber 40 mm. through the grenade launcher is a grenade launcher is entered in Ammunition belt , with blowback action mechanism ( recoil ), and is operated by a team soldiers. Through the grenade launcher is running in an open leg . Ammunition is fed mechanically into the gullet with pulling the charging handle. When the trigger is pressed, the latch is closed and the Rams released. The recoil pushes back the bolt, claims a new grenade into the chamber, pushing the bag waste out from the chamber.

Through the grenade launcher firing explosive ammunition caliber 40 mm at a rate of fire of 325-375 grenades per minute, but in practice a fire rate of 40-60 per minute grenades. Operation runs through the grenade launcher blowback , the user in pressure in the chamber from a grenade fired to load and re-tread of arms. The maximum firing range of through the grenade launcher is 2,212 meters (about 2 km ), but its effective firing range is a specific purpose 1,500 meters, due to the limitations of intent . The minimum safe distance for firing grenades is 75 meters in training . In addition, the Strsf of smoke through the grenade launcher and the lack of long when shooting difficult for the enemy to locate the shooter. Nocturnal activity, can be installed through the grenade launcher night vision goggles AN / TVS-5 .

Through the grenade launcher is operated by a team of soldiers in infantry (and IDF also by the position of fatal of Rafael , which operates the control is done through the grenade launcher when the gaze armored position it is installed). Through the grenade launcher mounted on a tripod of 3 feet or on the vehicle due to its military rabbi through the grenade launcher weight alone is approximately -35.2 kg (77.6 lb ). Due to the recoil low through the grenade launcher is adopted for many different platforms, including assault boats , all-terrain vehicles , military (such as the HMMWV ), armored personnel carriers (like the AAV of amphibious and Stryker ) and more.

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