This US Helicopter Drone Will Save Soldiers Lifes – Kaman K-MAX UAV in Action

Daily Military Defense & Archive – A presentation of how the Kaman K-MAX drone helicopter will save soldiers lifes on the battlefields.

The K-Max UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) is a helicopter drone of the US Marine Corp developed by Kaman and Lockheed-Martin , capable of carrying 2.7 tons of equipment (more than its own weight) and fly to more than 4000 meters (15500 feet).

This device, which was the subject of a contract of $ 45.8 million , with a flight autonomy of 400 km , an action radius of 556 km depending the load carried, is very economical: the cost of a flight hour is 1 100 dollars (900 euros). Its use avoids the use of truck convoys, vulnerable to ambushes in battle zones. It is tested successfully since 17 December 2011 in the theater of operations of the war in Afghanistan . Two K-Max UAS of the USMC and have conducted more than 230 attractions and delivered, two forward bases in the south, close to 500 tonnes of freight .

Credit: Cpl. Elizabeth Gleason , Cpl. Gregory Moore

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