PTRD-41 Anti-tank Rifle: Was That A Tank?

While packing astonishing power, this Anti-tank rifle weights only 17,3 kg. The PTRD-41 was made in 1941. but even in modern terms still holds high destructible power with 14.5x114mm shells. High velocity shells fired from PTRD-41 are capable of reaching 3,655 ft/s (1,114m/s) at the range of 10,000 meters. This beast is single action gun without any magazines use. So, enough with technical stuff let’s watch this baby in action.

All we can say is…Wow! Once again the Russians weapon experts did not disappoint. High power, high efficiency with no other fuss. The PTRD-41 is standard Russian efficiency weapon made for one purpose – destroying light armor vehicles.

What are your thoughts of this baby? Would you like to play with one? Tell us, please.

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