Kord 12.7 mm heavy machine gun: Beastly Good

It just doesn’t come any heavier than this. Russian monster – Kord 12.7 mm heavy machine gunĀ is mind-blowing strong machine gun capable of firing several hundreds of highly destructive rounds in a matter of seconds. Just by looking at this beast you can tell Russians meant business when they created Kord 12.7 mm. The Kord fires a 12.7x108mm round with respectful weighs of 855gr and acceleration of 860 m/s when fired from the Kord gives it effective range of 2000m. It delivers monstrous 18,980j of energy. Whit weigh of 32kg the Kors is easily carried by infantry.

Kord’s firing sound is what excited me the most in this video. I just like hearing and seeing heavy machineguns in action. Their construction as well as firepower incorporeted just screams destruction. Even at larger distances this machinegun still provides good accuracy and stability while shooting for it’s stand. In every aspect, Kord 12.7mm machinegun just provides good results all across the board, no question about it.

How did you guys feel about this Russian monster? Would you like to fire or own this beast?

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