Review: Arsenal Firearms AF1 Strike One – a Russian Glock-beater?

Arsenal Firearms is best know for the Double-Barrel 1911. Their AF1 appears to have its own promise! Here is what LifeSizePotato has to say about the AF1: “The Arsenal Firearms Strike One, though made in Italy, was designed in Russia for Spetsnaz and other special forces. Its key selling points are the extremely low bore axis and the non-tilting barrel, both designed to reduce muzzle flip and increase speed. They have been available in the US since early November 2014 for $884 shipped from Sooner State Arsenal.

Verdict for those who can’t spare 26 minutes? It’s a great gun, let down by a mediocre Glocky trigger. Muzzle flip is indeed reduced, but not to the impressive extent seen in the Chiappa Rhino.

Just for fun, here are some polymer matchups and who would win in my mind:

AF1 vs. USP: USP. Perfect reliability, better ergos, and, more importantly, the match trigger upgrade kit, which beats the AF1 handily.
AF1 vs. Glock: Ignoring price, AF1. Better made.
AF1 vs. XD: Ignoring price, AF1. Better made, better trigger, lower recoil, less ugly.
AF1 vs. PPQ/VP9: Tough call. The Walther and HK have better triggers for sure. It’s a draw.
AF1 vs. Steyr M9A1: Steyr. Cheaper, also well made, and better trigger. Looks cooler, too.”

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