This is the Most Explosive Way to Breach a Door! Simon Breach Grenade

Truly, the most explosive, and coolest, way to breach a door! Here’s what they say about the Simon Breach Grenade:

The Simon (it’s a Grenade Rifle Entry Munition) is a weapon designed to break through the doors. It is used by elite unite (such as the SWAT, Sayeret Matkal and industry Hm”a.) The grenade was developed by Rafael. The new models is shot by a live bullet 5.56 mm, such as the M16.

US Army SIMON is named GREM.

The system consists of STAND OFF rod length 40 cm on the front, in the middle of explosives and bullet tail catcher. The grenade loose ball by a maximum distance of 30 meters. Charger powered Page generated when the rod hits the door. Explosive material is from the front to the shock wave hit the door surface as much as possible, and that would push it effectively.

There is version manually attached to the door and is known as “Simon static.” See it in action below:


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