Power Of Small Caliber Machineguns – FN P90

We present to you the small caliber machinegun king – FN P90. This video will show you the real power can come in small packages. P90 with “only” 5.7 x 28mm cartridges and muzzle velocity of 2350 fps will showcase it’s ultimate power while firing. In this special video you will get to see how impressive this submachinegun really is, and why it is currently deployed for Secret Service use.

After seeing P90 in action, we can witness it doesn’t require high power submachine guns to provide you with devastating firepower. Small caliber submachine gun as P90 can easily be concealed and used by either left or right handed shooters as P90 is designed to eject shells from the bottom part of the gun. Deploying P90 amazing firepower is really easy but because of it’s short barrel design it isn’t practical to be used on longer distances. This is a weapon made and used for modern, urban, close-quarter fighting and it excels at that field, as no enemy will survive it’s burst firepower.

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