Tactilite T2 .50 BMG Side-Fed Upper for AR-15

Always wanted a .50 BMG but never thought of spending the money, or is your safe too full for another rifle? Why not just add a .50 Cal upper to your existing AR? The Tactilite allows you to do just that. They also offer upper receivers in .416 Barrett for those who are interested. This will give your AR-15 some reach!

From the manufacturer:

“The Tactilite T2 is the premier magazine-fed upper. We achieve superior accuracy and durability by machining our receiver from hardened 4140 steel billet as a single, fully-integrated unit. Our barrels are center-turned and trued. The mag-well can be easily removed for convenient left-handed side loading and features an ergonomically designed spring-loaded release tab. The 7075 billet handguard is a unique hybrid quad/smooth design, that offers the combined benefits of a quad-rail and a smooth handguard. The Tactilite has a base finish of black nitride and a final finish of black CeraKote for a better looking and more durable finish.”

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